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Cranial for babies

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Newborns (neonates) present special cranial-sacral system problems. During labour the head moves in a series of specific directions. There is an overlapping of the skull bones and if the birth is prolonged, the membranes attached to the skull can compress the bones together. Alternatively in a quick birth these membranes do not always adjust to the pressure changes as they should and recoil to their intra-uterine state. A baby born by elective caesarian can be compressed centrally within the skull as they were not subjected to the pressures and releases in the birth canal. The importance of examining the newborn therefore becomes apparent. Some compressions due to long labour or mal-presentation will resolve spontaneously aided by the baby crying or sucking immediately after birth. Unresolved or untreated compressions start to have an effect on the baby's musculoskeletal and neurological systems after as little as a week post partum. For example baby doesn't like lying on its back, doesn't like hats or being undressed/dressed, has excess mucus production (nasally or wheezy), poor sucking reflex and digestive problems which can develop into poor sleep patterns, erratic feeding, irritability or restlessness.

Post-natal: For many Mothers it can be very helpful for both Mother and New Born to be checked. Structural and Cranial  treatment throughout pregnancy and childhood can help the body to adapt to the changes taking place

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