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Cranial for Children

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Young children can play/read during their treatment.
Our Osteopath does not wear white coats while treating children in order to made them feel more relaxed.

Osteomyologist using Cranial Osteopathy can help an enormous variety of different symptoms and problems in babies, children and young adults. Part of the way it works is by understanding that every part of the body is dependent on the other parts working efficiently.
Children and Adolescents are not mini adults. They are growing and maturing at their own rate. Their physiological responses to activity vary as they progress through childhood and adolescence into adult life. In the presence of a Parent/Guardian the patient will be encouraged to take responsibility for their health. Injury prevention, exercises, nutritional and life-style changes may be suggested. Crainal Osteopathy can be used to help children of all ages with a variety of techniques and may include self or parental management regimes.

Children of all ages can suffer from a bewildering range of problems and ailments. When growing fast, the body has to make new adjustments & during this process earlier traumas may be uncovered and may start to cause trouble. Physical pains in children, such as recurrent backaches, should never be dismissed as simply growing pains but should be checked and if necessary treated.

Children under 16 must be treated in the presence of a parent/guardian or designated adult. Children aged 13 to 15 can be treated without anyone else present, but only with written parental consent.

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